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Nokia Lumia is the one of the most popular phone. This phone is adopted Windows 7.5/Mango operating system. Appearance and performance of this phone is very amazing. Today, i want to share "How to Enjoy Nokia Lumia On Nokia 5233". So, if your phone is Nokia 5233 this is very interested article. You can make your Nokia 5233 like a Nokia Lumia. WOWW...! So, you want to know "How To Enjoy Nokia Lumia On Nokia 5233 ? Okay, let's go :
  • First, you must download Windows Phone Lumia
  • Then, extract the file.
  • After you extract, send the windows_phone_lumia folder to your phone
  • Then, move "vApps" folder to directory E:/
  • Now, install the "vHome.sisx" (in the windows_phone_lumia folder)
  • When the "vHome" has been installed, now start the vHome and choose the best skin for your phone

This is the screenshot of my phone. Very cool :


Nokia Lumia On Nokia 5233


Nokia Lumia On Nokia 5233

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