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Tips and Tricks Play Flappy Bird - Flappy game bird is very difficult. Game created by Developers from Vietnam and now is becoming a top ranking on Google Play free games. Flappy Birds is a game genre that retro Endless Run. This game looks simple , but Flappy Bird is very attractive for android users and iOS ( available for iPad and iPhone).

Flappy Birds game has been downloaded by more than 3 million users of Android and iOS based statistics recorded by the Telegraph.

tips and tricks play Flappy bird

Game Flappy Birds
This game does not offer attractive graphics quality , this game looks normal and feels like a retro-style game made by Nintendo. But its appeal is how to play a difficult bird Flappy. Many Android users are hard to win this game , so that makes it challenging and addictive to try again.

How to play Flappy Bird

This game is actually very simple , users are only required for touch screen mobile phone / tablet , keep birds do not fall and can pass through obstacles. But apparently there are different technique because reality is seen not as easy. In fact, many users are so emotional when playing this game. Quoted from Huffingtonpost , the game maker Dong Ha Nguyen share tips and tricks play Flappy bird. While acknowledging that a homemade game difficult to play , but he mentions nothing is impossible to play Flappy birds. He spread the secret tips and tricks play Flappy bird ;
  1. Keep in a relaxed state , and convince yourself it really relaxes
  2. If you always fail to pass should break and try later.
  3. Touch the screen with a soft , do not press too fast and hard.
  4. Find the right rhythm
  5. We recommend using android device with a wide screen
  6. Do not ever give up.
Well with these six tips, play Angry Flappy will be easier. Nonetheless ha Dong Nguyen admitted only capable of playing up to the platinum scores.

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